Dear Coastal Calligraphers,

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 4th at the Waldemere Fire Station in the upstairs classroom.  We will have a Board Meeting, which all members are invited to attend, followed by the General Meeting and workshop.  Doug Fliss will be leading our workshop this month.  A description and supply list are included below.  Please RSVP to Doug regarding your attendance. It is very important to RSVP so Doug knows how much material to prepare and so the snack person can correctly plan for refreshments!  Remember to bring your own drink.

Date:     Sunday, February 4, 2018

Time:     Board Meeting: 12:00 – 1:00
General Meeting/Workshop: 1:00 – 4:00ish

Big Strokes for Different Folks

We will be creating a piece featuring a name and its meaning. Please bring your choice of name and its meaning to letter during the class. A meaning of 15-25 words is a nice length. If needed, it is OK to embellish the meaning for poetic purposes. Laura will have miscellaneous sizes and colors of mat board you can select from or if you have a favorite heavy weight paper you like, please bring it to use. Keep the gouache colors in the lighter range. If you choose black, white gouache will be a good color to use.

Material list:

  • Gouache paint-small tubes are perfect and will last a long time, great for sharing with someone. Pick 2 or 3  of your favorite colors.
  • Paint palette – a shallow, white one with multiple dips works well.
  • Container for water.
  • Brushes – Laura uses a style commonly called Brights. They have a straight, flat edge: 1” and also a #1 or #2 bright. This brush should be about 1/8” wide. Sizes may vary with manufacturer.  (NOTE: A “bright” is a flat brush with shorter bristles, sometimes referred to as a shader.  A regular flat brush in the 1” and 1/8” sizes will also work. LS)
  • The normal stuff – pencil, eraser, tape, straight edge or small T-square and ruler.
coastal calligraphers guild

Lettering style Doug Fliss will teach during workshop.

This will be an ambitious project, but given your results from the folded pen class, it should be a piece of cake!

We will letter the name you have chosen and after that has dried, we will draw guidelines for lettering the meaning of the name in a layering technique using the smaller brush. We will use a monochromatic palette or 2-3 colors to blend for color and emphasis.

Think loosely and if you have questions please email Laura Stevenson.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 4th of February!