We hope all are recovered from Hurricane Irma and are ready to enjoy a full day of calligraphy fun at our October meeting. We will be incorporating two mini-workshops into a full day.

Date:                 Sunday, October 1, 2017
Time:              10:00 am – 5:00pm
Agenda:          10:00am – 12:00pm Paste Paper Party

12:00pm  Lunch/ Board Meeting (Bring a bag lunch for yourself; members are also invited to attend the Board Meeting)

1:00pm  General Meeting and Neuland Workshop  

The descriptions and supply lists for BOTH workshops are provided below.  Please RSVP to Mary Wildrick, even if you had RSVP’d for SeptemberPlease also RSVP to Fred Reckker ASAP if you are attending the Neuland workshop on Sunday as well.


Beth and Mary will have the Arches cover and Text wove papers for everyone who ordered.  Please bring a check for $12 made out to CCG or exact cash. Our goal will be to paint both sides of each paper.  Please bring additional papers to play with that are good quality non-glossy papers.

The paste will be supplied.


  1. pigments: inexpensive craft acrylics or tube acrylics if you have them.  Metallics work well.  We share.
  2. Sponges, foam brushes, 2” inexpensive bristle paint brush.
  3. Container for water, paper towels, PLENTY of newspapers.  Anything that makes a design in the paste: ex. combs, old credit cards, split pens like Coit, brayer, if you have one.
  4. 24” ruler, bone folder, pencil.
  5. Small empty containers with lids.
  6. Windex (for cleaning up paint on surfaces)

PLEASE mark all your supplies with your name.  There will be many bottles of acrylic and many brushes on the tables.



This workshop will be intensive and will offer the following: Neuland Basics, Primary Color Basics, and Book Structure Basics (six-needle stitching). You will need to bring the following:

  1. paste paper from Beth & Mary’s workshop (if you don’t plan on making paste paper, please bring two pieces of  11” x 14” cover weight paper for the front and back book covers);
  2. 6 bookbinding needles if you have (don’t buy, we share);
  3. 6.0mm pilot parallel pen with red, yellow, and blue cartridges, or same ink colors to fill the barrel;
  4. small palette; a few brushes; water container;
  5. an awl and cutting mat; scissors; cutting knife;
  6. and do/la/ma (whatever lurks in your tool box).

If you plan to attend please prepare to stay until at least 5:00 pm so that you can complete all the projects and receive all the materials and  handouts (packets will only be prepared for those who pre-register and attend this workshop in its entirety).

You will walk away with two completed booklets, personal handouts and projects, and a great understanding to prepare you for Annie B’s two-day October 28th & 29th workshop.