Hi Letter Lovers!

Our September meeting isn’t until almost halfway through the month and our October meeting is on the 1st so this message is being sent out early to give plenty of time to respond to Fred and prepare.

October is looking like an exciting month for letter lovers! We have not one but two workshops dedicated to learning the versatile Neuland hand. Our October post-meeting workshop, Sunday, October 1st, from 1:00p to 5:00p will be at the Waldemere Fire Station. Please see further information below from Fred Reckker, our workshop presenter:

I will be your workshop presenter at our October 1st meeting, immediately following the General Meeting, and would like to know in advance who will be attending so that I can prepare individual packets for each participant.  The workshop will be intensive and will offer the following:  Neuland Basics, Primary Color Basics, and Book Structure Basics (six-needle stitching).

You will need to bring the following:

  • your piece of #140 paper
  • your 6.0 Pilot Parallel pen. This is the one with the Blue lid.  If you do not have one, see Dan, at Blue Line and be sure to ask for your calligraphy guild discount.
  • paste paper from Beth & Mary’s September workshop (if you missed it please bring two pieces of  11” x 14” cover weight paper for the front and back book covers);
  • 6 bookbinding needles if you have (don’t buy, we share);
  • 6.0mm pilot parallel pen with red, yellow, and blue cartridges, or same ink colors to fill the barrel;
  • small palette;
  • a few brushes;
  • water container;
  • an awl and cutting mat;
  • scissors;
  • cutting knife;
  • and do/la/ma (whatever lurks in your tool box).

If you plan to attend please prepare to stay until at least 5:00 pm so that you can complete all the projects and receive all the materials and  handouts (packets will only be prepared for those who pre-register and attend this workshop in its entirety).

You will walk away with two completed booklets, personal handouts and projects, and a great understanding to prepare you for Annie B’s two-day October 28th & 29th workshop.

Please respond to me, Fred, no later than September 5th if you plan to attend.

Thank you!