Welcome to the Coastal Calligraphers Guild. We are an active guild of calligraphers and lettering artists of all skill levels. We meet in Sarasota, Florida once per month September through June to discuss and learn calligraphic arts of a wide variety. We also host an internationally recognized calligrapher once per year for an extended 3-4 day workshop, usually in February. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are 1:00pm to ~5:00p at the Waldemere Fire Station, 2nd Floor Classroom, Sarasota, FL.

We always welcome new members. Please contact us or come by a meeting to learn more  about the calligraphic arts!

Our theme for the 2015 – 2016 season will be “Roman Capitals and Multifarious Variations.”

September’s meeting is the second Sunday of the month. October through June, the meetings are the first Sunday of the month.

September 13: Basics of Romans facilitated by Beth Rubin and assisted by Shirley Waite

September 26-27: Workshop | The Secret Life of Roman Capitals with Annie Barnhardt (4th St. Fire Station, downtown Sarasota)

October 4: Pressurized Pencil with those that attended Annie Barnhardt’s workshop facilitating

November 1: Using the Speedball nib with ink

December 6: Holiday Get Together

January 3: Broad Edge Nibs and Automatic Pens with watercolor and gouache

February 3-6:  Spontaneous Marks with Pamela Paulsrud

February 14: Pointed Pen Romans with Pam Lewis

March 6: Flat Brush with Beth Rubin

April 3: Versals with Debbie and Jim Bennett

May 1: Stylized Romans with Erica McPhee

June 5: Creative Piece with Sharon Holsinger and Joan Landrey
plus binding our booklet of our year’s Romans

Ann Pasquier - cola pen