Guild Meetings & Workshop Dates

  • Sun
    1:00 pmWaldemere Fire Station

    Joan Landrey – Splendid Sumi-E Markings

  • Sat
    09:00:00 - 4:00pmDayspring Retreat Center, Parrish
    October 27th thru 28th (Saturday & Sunday) is fast approaching and you can expect a fun-filled two days devoted to discovering ways to revise the basic copperplate form to create new looks and personalities.  It will not be devoted to just one hand, or go letter by letter with the alphabet; rather we’ll see what we can do to create our own alphabet. Less experienced participants will be given a brief review of the basics.
    Here is the list of supplies to bring:
    • Oblique pen holder 
    • your favorite pointed pen nibs, such as Hunt 22, 56 or Gillott 303 or 404, the  G Nib or Leonardt Principal, or Zebra nib
    • a good quality layout bond paper, such as 9” x 12” Canson Pro Layout Marker
    • a sheet or two of good quality black and/or dark paper, like Canford or Strathmore ArtAgain
    • Sumi Moon Palace black ink, or McCaffrey’s  Black
    • Your favorite white medium, such as Bleed Proof White or McCaffrey’s Ivory 
    • mixing tray 
    • #2 pencils
    Classes begin at 9:00 am - please be set up and ready at 9:00.
    Classes end at 4:00 pm (you may leave your supplies overnight in the room but take your valuables with you).
    Lunch is included in your cost (brown bags are prohibited).You may bring water, etc.
    Remember to turn off your cell phones in the classroom.
    Plan to have a great time!
  • Sun
    1:00 pmWaldemere Fire Station

    Laura Stevenson – Lost in Space


    Calligraphy involves more than making marks on paper.  Many skills and considerations are involved in creating these marks to result in calligraphic pieces that convey the desired message.  This workshop will address one of these skills that challenges many calligraphers - spacing.  This summer at Seattletters, Ewan Clayton taught a workshop entitled “Calligraphy of the Heart: Part 2.”  He worked through a set of exercises in this workshop to help with understanding spacing and learning to relate marks to spacing.  Ewan has graciously given me permission to share this information with our Guild!

    Supply List:

    • Layout or practice paper (11x14 or 11x17 preferable; 8.5x11 OK if don’t have larger size)
    • Monoliner pen (any bullet or fine tip marker, small or medium size)
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
  • Sun

    Holiday Party