Hello all you enthusiastic Calligraphers!
Blue Line has brought in some the Canson Marker Layout pads that Suzanne Heaney has requested we have.  They are really great papers to work on  Those of us who went to Pat Blair’s class at conference used them.  Blue Line is making them available to us at a special discounted bulk price.  I will pick them up and deliver them to you at the October meeting if you would like to have one.  You will need to let me know how many I need to have set aside.  You can bring a check made out to Blue Line or cash to the September meeting.  The cost is 13.24 including the sales tax.
If you are new to copperplate and do not have an oblique pen, those are available as well and cost 1.54.  Just add that to the cost of the layout pad.
The Blue Line people are just great and really go out of their way to work with us.  Any member shopping there, don’t forget to identify yourself as a member and get your 10% discount.
Also if you do not have a pointed pen nib or the requested Moon Palace sumi, I am sure some of our participants have extra nibs they can sell and extra sumi to share.  You would need to bring a small lidded plastic container in which to dip your pen.  Also it is good to have an extra one of those little containers for water.  I have learned that when working with sumi it works better if you occasionally dip your nib in water. Who knew!
I hope to see you all there!!!!  And if you have any questions please contact me.
Mary Wildrick