Dear Coastal Calligraphers

Here it is the beginning of March and our guild meeting is this Sunday, March 6.  This month Beth will facilitate the presentation about the use of the flat brush in writing Roman Capitals.
Also, Laura will bring the Speedball Textbooks for those who ordered one as well as bring the remaining Midel book collection for purchase.  She will send a list of book titles in a few days, which I will forward to you,  so you can have a preview of what is still available.  Remember to bring your checkbooks or cash.
Here is Beth’s material list:
1. Any flat brushes you have.  Do not buy if you do not have any as there should be enough to share.
2. Inks such as Pelican in any colors you wish as well as black
3. Mary’s handouts from the broad edge nib presentation
4. Biggie pad
5. Ruler
6. Water container
7. Paper towels
Looking forward to a great meeting on Sunday.  See you soon.