It’s the middle of August and time to start thinking about the start of another year of wonderful Coastal Calligraphers’ workshops.
The theme for meetings this year will be “Roman Capitals and Multifarious Variations.” The September meeting, Basics of Romans, will be facilitated by Beth Rubin and Shirley Waite. They will review Roman Caps with a focus on letter proportions and spacing.  They will also demonstrate ruling up. The supply list includes: practice paper, a pencil, a few colored pencils (if you like) and a ruler.
Please note that the September meeting will be on the second Sunday, the 13th, instead of the first Sunday.
Fred has ordered twenty-five 11″x14″ Biggie Pads, at a bulk rate of $ 9.25 per Biggie, to use for the yearly projects and they will be available at the September 13th meeting. At the end of the year, each member will make their Biggie Pad into a book.
Please contact Beth Rubin to let her know if you can attend. We hope to see a large turnout for the beginning of another exciting year of calligraphy.
Joan Landrey