We had a fabulous meeting last month and enjoyed making Boxed Letters led by Lucy.

Boxed Letters example

Boxed Letters by Erica McPhee


January was a great workshop as well when we made Decorated Letter mini-books led by Joan.

Busy book-makers

Busy book-makers


This Sunday promises to be just as much fun. Debbie and Jim Bennett will lead us in “The Yin and Yang of Technical Rules and Creative Lawlessness.”

Our first silent auction of calligraphy books will also take place. Don’t miss it!


gouache – 3 primary colors (red, blue, yellow)
small paint trays
dropper for adding water
big paint brush – 1/2 inch or larger
water container
tracing paper – at least 3 sheets
graph paper – at least 3 sheets
computer paper
ruler, ink, pens, speedball #2 or parallel pens, pencil and eraser, colored pencils (optional)

See you there!